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Tate Moore owns Square Pizza in Oxford. They are a local staple. They support local arts, and they make their pizza square in honor of the Square. The Double Decker Food Committee recently rejected Tate from selling his pizza at Double Decker because, get this, he wasn't unique enough!

Their rejection letter to him is just too classic not to share, even if it has nothing to do with sports.  What's better is the decision to let some local restaurant owners decide which other local restaurant owners can participate. That's true objectivity and a very safe process. Feel free to submit your own rephrasing of the letter.  I propose:

"Be unique... just like we tell you to be!"

"We have decided to fill Double Decker with 100% organic, foodie pretentiousness this year. Please conform to our guidelines for uniqueness."

Hilarious.  Here's the letter.  It is apparent that the irony of this letter simply missed the authors.

Written by Ole Miss Powder Blues — March 28, 2013

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